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In this modern age of marketing, digital advertising has become a major component. By using digital advertising correctly  you can grow your online presence of your business, be it B2B or B2C, and you can eventually convert them into potential sales. You can get more visibility and much more wider audience in digital media. But you won’t get the results you were hoping for if your ads aren’t well thought out. For this to work in your favor, every aspect of the advertisement should be taken into consideration, the design, the channel, and other elements.  

The following  tips will help you determine best ways to create and execute digital media ads, and get the most out of any of their campaigns. You can integrate these tips into your own digital marketing strategy to get the desired results.

#1. Creative elements:

Make your brand stand out from your competitors by adding visual elements to your business. This will give you an advantage in your marketing efforts. Make your brand recognizable by adding a logo, mascot, color scheme or font. Remember you want to catch the eye of the audience, maintain their attention and have them remember your brand. Including unique and creative elements to your brand will give you favorable outcome.

#2. Invest Wisely

Each online platform give you different values, so you need to analyse and choose wisely, on which outlets you want to invest your time and money into. Some digital media platforms might work well for one company, but it might not be the same for another. While making your campaign, deciding what each digital media platform is going to do for your specific advertising efforts, should be the basis of your discussion while making your campaign.

#3. Research:

It is important to conduct research and have data to support your actions, even of you have past experience with your ads. You cannot predict a customers actions just by previous experience. It is absolutely important to prepare ahead of time. Use the information collected from your research to plan your marketing strategy.

#4. Understanding the Buyer process:

In order to effectively reach the users, understand the buyer’s journey and what you need to offer to them at each stage. Viewing buyer analytics will give you many options. How much time each visitor spend on each of  your pages can be viewed on your website, and if thy leave you can check out what page caused them to leave. You can make this process simple for the audience members by using the gathered information to cater your digital marketing to them. This is can also be beneficial to you.

#5. Target Audience:

Know who your target audience is. It is crucial to know how to market to them. But for marketing to them you need to know who all are your buyers. This is one of the important steps in a marketing strategy both online and offline. When you begin your digital media advertising, it is important to clearly define your audience.

#6. Linking Social media metrics and Return on Interest:

Tying your data back to the results it produces helps determine which digital advertising effort works best. While measuring your result one thing needs to be taken into consideration, the diverse group of people that you reach when you market online. What is promoting engagement with your company, versus what is actually driving conversions are the two things that you need to look at.

#7. Take advantage of Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is a good platform for marketing any business. But a lot of small to medium businesses haven’t used Facebook to promote ads. Facebook is a great platform to advertise small businesses. It has a wider reach and is cost effective.

#8. Merging all marketing channels:

Consistent messaging is the key is you want to effectively reach your audience. Integrating your ad across various platforms, and giving the users the same message regardless of the social media platform is one way to make sure this happens. Every social media platform has different feel to it. You have to make sure to match the feel and vibe of the platform while still maintaining a consistent voice for your brand.

#9. Geofencing:

Geofencing is a  relatively new venture in digital media advertising with a lot of promise especially in B2C. You can target customers in a whole new way, based on the the customers location. This way you can naturally guide them to your business. Geofencing has become an effective tool for marketers to utilize especially Combined with digital marketing. Customers can be engaged in the right time, with the right message.

#10. Optimize PLAs:
Product listing ads should contain components that the users are looking for. You don’t want your customer to lose interest, so answer any questions they may have upfront.  Include any information that you think might be beneficial to the purchasing process. Optimizing will make sure that your ads will stand out. Give a feel to your product that gives a detailed description of the product. Make it good and presentable so that it is presented well on PLA’s on Google, Bing and others.

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