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You can only make one brand message, something that you promise to deliver, and you want it  to stick in the customers minds. Nike’s message “Just do it”, Uber’s “The smartest way to get around”, BMW “Ultimate driving machine” is ever present with the brand.

For making a brand message you must ask yourself these questions: What do you want in your customer’s mind when they think of your brand? What that one clear message should be?

You have to look at three different perspectives to determine your promise. The customers perspective, internal perspective and marketplace perspective.

Here are 3 perspectives that you should look at while creating a brand message:

#1. The customer’s perspective:

First you need to think from a customer’s perspective. You need to get inside your customer’s head. Ask questions that your customer would ask. What matters to them? Interview them, conduct surveys, pay attention to them on social media. Know what your customer values the most.

#2. The Internal Perspective:

It is important for a brand promise to be true to be effective. You must think to yourself: What is it about your product or service that makes it unique? What is unique about your manufacturing process? Where can you create value? As a founder what is your vision? To close the sales what is your top sales person doing? Talk to people inside your organization about this.

#3. The Marketplace Perspective:

In the marketplace only one brand can own a position. Observe and understand your competitors. How do your competitors position themselves in the marketplace? Look at their taglines. Research about them , check our the “About Us” page in their website. Look at their value proposition. When you’re creating your value proposition make sure it is unique and distinct.

Your brand message:

Once you have taken the insights down, figure out how and where the perspectives intersect.

Look at your brand’s future and its potential for growth. This is another important factor that you should keep in mind while deciding your brand message.

Whatever value your brand has in you should make sure to get it across through your brand message.

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