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#1. Create Quality Content:

To create trust and loyalty with your audience, you should constantly keep creating fresh, valuable and quality content. Your brand will be viewed in a positive light if you create informative and useful content. This positive association of your brand can increase your loyal customer base

#2. Encourage Sharing:

Encouraging your fans and followers to share your posts will help you earn new followers, and increase your audience base. How they share depends on the social media platform, like share on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, repin on  Pinterest, or sharing an image on instagram.

#3. Contests:

People love contests especially if they get to win something. Create a contest on your social media platform and ask your followers to share the news. To make it more effective give bonus entry into the costest for each share.

#4. Engagement:

The most important rule of social media no matter what platform you’re using, is to be social. Engage with your fans and followers.
Interaction is the key to creating a strong following and loyal audience. Like, Share, Repost, and Reply  and show your audience that they are valuable to you and that you are listening to them. If you appreciate them then they will do the same in return.

#5. Questions:

Asking questions is another strategy that works in both traditional and online selling. Posts with questions have proven to have more comments than standard posts. Asking questions to your followers helps build more goodwill for your brand, it shows that you are interested in your followers and that they are valuable to you.

#6. Product Promotion:

Promote your products on social media by sharing the benefits of your products and demonstrate how your product works. Share the benefits experienced by customers after using the product. Share testimonials of customers who have used it showing how happy they are with the products to build proof.

#7. Free Demo:

Offer a free demo or money back trials to potential customers to let them decide the product’s unique value. Since this has no risk involved the potential customers might try it out and further down the road this might turn into sales. Doing this via social media will have a higher chance of getting likes and shares from your fans which will spread the news about the offer.

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