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Social media is an incredibly effective digital marketing tool. So many things can be done through social media, like providing information, promoting goods and services, interacting with customers and much more. With the help of social media a startup can boost their impact win over more customers.

However it is crucial to develop a strong social media plan for increasing customer engagement and to avoid common dangers. The following seven tips can help you increase the potential of your startup’s social media strategy.

#1. Setting up a social media strategy:

The first thing you need to do before deciding on which social media platform to use, is to think about your business objectives and how social media can help you achieve those objectives. Imagine exactly what kind of tone you want to communicate through social media while keeping in mind your target audience.
Always align your social media presence together with your business’ culture and merits. If your company prides itself on being relaxed , then make sure you show this through your social media posts.However if your company culture  serious and on point, make sure to portray this through you social media marketing strategy.
To make sure all your channels are harmonized, you may want to start a document to outline the objectives of your social media plan and share it with your staff. If you are consistent with how you present your brand in social media the more recognizable the brand will be.

#2. Choosing the correct social media platform:

Facebook may have the largest number of users, but that doesn’t always mean that it is the right platform for your social media marketing strategy. If the presence of your target audience in a platform’s base is low, then it is not worth the effort.
There are some factor that should be taken into account while choosing a correct social media platform. First a few things should be taken into consideration   like the age of your target audience, the location of your company, and the core of your company’s goods or services. For example if your company is a B2B company and most of your clients are business professionals then LinkedIn would be the perfect social media platform for you.
But if your business is B2C, like a restaurant then you would want to select platforms that people use when they are looking for restaurants, like Zomato or Google, and if marketing is what your business is centered around then Facebook and Twitter should be used to increase the potential of your promotional content.

#3.Using social media as a customer service platform:

Maintaining a good communication with your customers is extremely important for short – term and long – term success. Your ability to responding to concerns, answers and taking suggestions can have an impact on your company’s reputation.
Social media is the best place to provide excellent customer service. You can ensure that your client’s needs are met. The advantages of social media are that you can your customers at any time and from anywhere, it is cost effective and the registration is free. Utilize social media management tools such as Hootsuite to begin setting up a platform for customer service inquiries. Analysis tools can help you track down negative mentions about your startup and tend to it by attending the unsatisfied customer, in hopes of offering a solution to the customer as quickly as possible.

#4. Social Media Recruiting:

Although your potential customers are your key focus of your social media marketing plan, they’re not the only audience that you should be paying attention to. You can also find hard working, dedicated employees who would be great candidates for your company, within your social media following. Always share the details of the position that you have to fill, on social accounts. Show your followers how exciting it is to work for your startup by visually showcasing your business achievements, on ideal networks for promoting brand awareness like Instagram. People who share the same enthusiasm, values and culture might be interested in joining your startup.

#5. Connect with the audience:

Making a real connection with the audience is the key to a perfect marketing strategy. Showing your followers the individuals behind the products and services will establish connection with your followers and will strengthen your startup. Inspire them by telling them how you came up with the idea for the product or service. You will be able to spot the followers who are inspired. Offer your passionate followers a chance to become social media influencers and brand ambassadors. These people will help you increase exposure of your brand and will promote your brand name.

#6. Observe Progress:

The startup business may become overwhelming as it grows on a rapid pace. You have to organize your social media accounts, make a social media marketing plan, design a schedule for your social media management, evaluate all your social media accounts and channels on a regular basis.It is normal to become overwhelmed. Assessing the performance of all your social  media platforms will help you in comparing the effectiveness of each platforms.
Tailwind, Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Grade Your Social are some tools that can be very helpful. They give you insight on the audience engagement by thoroughly investigating your online presence on specific social media platforms.To decide what is working and what isn’t working you should perform regular checkups. It allows you to make adjustments to your social media strategy whenever you notice any issues.

#7. Look for new trends and strategies:

Although it is important to be aware of traditional social media marketing methods, do not disregard new social media marketing strategies. The desire to make a unique product or to offer new and better ways to resolve a problem. Project the creative energy of your startup into creating new ways of promoting your brand on social media.



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