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When you are designing a website you have to make sure that it is enthralling, easy to navigate, the content should be thought-provoking and the style should match your brand’s personality.

Even though different people have different styles there are rules that are to be followed when deciding the appearance of your website. As someone who works in one of the best web designing company in India, I would like to give you a few useful tips on how to create a successful website.

Here are Nine web designing tricks to make your website successful. You might find these tips helpful.

#1. Content

A good website is also defined by its content. Your website could be top notch in design but unless it has some informative content, it will be a fail. Your content should also make customers to perform any action, like download, receive a quote, learn more about a product or buy a product.

#2. Easy Navigation

While designing your website make sure it is easy to navigate. It should be easy for users to navigate through your website. If your visitors find it hard to navigate your website he might end up on your competitors website. A site with good navigation will improve your UX. It will also make it easier for search engines to crawl your website.

#3. Mobile-Friendly

In this modern age of digital media, the use of mobile phones have become prominent, so it is important to make sure that you’re website is mobile friendly. Put yourself in your user’s shoes, and test every page and every element in the page. Responsiveness is important when you’re making a website. Web Ignito can help you with creating a mobile-friendly version of your site for you.

#4. Be Unique

Your website should stand out from the others. It should be different and unique. Get creative and explore different names, designs come up with unique ideas. Don’t make a bland, boring and forgettable website.

#5. Add Social Media Buttons

Include social media share and follow buttons so that you can generate social media traffic. Encourage your audience to share your page on social media. Shareaholic is a free social media sharing tool that you can use.

#6. Pick the Right Colors

It is important to pick the right colors. You can’t just pick random colors for your website. Color have meanings and if you pick the wrong colors it might give visitors the wrong idea. You have to use the correct color combination. Choose a 3 color palette for your website and stick to it. You can pick white as your background, the text value should not be too dark and maybe add a little hue to it. And lastly a color with a strong accent. The last color should be picked carefully.

#7. Images

It is also important to choose the right kind of images for your website. There are many stock photos, but that doesn’t mean you have to litter your site with stock photos. Try to use real photographs of people who actually work in the company, or pick the right kind of stock photos to bring a bit of realism to your brand. You should also make sure that your image is of the right size. Make sure the photo is clear, it will add credibility to your website.

#8. Look out for broken links

You might have a few links that are not working, depending on your website’s size and how old your website is. Take extra effort and time to check all the pages and see if there are any broken links.

#9. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can ask an expert who knows about website designing for help. Or you can ask any web designing company for help. We here at Web Ignito are the Most Unexceptional web designing company in India and website marketing company and can help you design the Most Unexceptional looking website for you at a low price.

The key to designing a good website is to be consistent. When you pick a style stick with the style. Do not change it halfway through. Also, leave your contact info on the site so customers can contact you. Follow these 9 tips and your website is sure to be a success.

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